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Online Assessment Testing for Selection & Self Development

Pario online assessment includes selection tests, self development options and 360 degree feedback linked to effective leadership and management skills.

Selection and Recruitment

Objective, reliable online assessments profile important aspects of work behaviour and motivation. Click here for more information.

Self Assessment & Self Development

Complete the Pario Professional Profile for insight into Personal Strengths and current work behaviour. Alternatively, register for the Leadership Development Course.

Leadership and Management Skills

Contact us to discuss the benefits of easily administered, online 360 degree feedback. Both questionnaires and reports can be tailored to your requirements. Click here for a sample of the Pario 360 Report.

Assessment Centre In Tray Exercise

Our standard In-tray Exercise (also referred to as ‘In-Basket’) is ideally suited to Graduate Selection and has been shown to differentiate between ‘average’ and ‘high’ potential candidates. The assessment exercise can be used to evaluates competencies linked to analysis and business appreciation and requires 75 minutes to complete. It is easily administered and can be quickly marked. It is currently available in English and supplied to organizations under an annual licence agreement.

Contact to discuss the In-Tray and other Assessment Centre exercises.

Online Coaching & Development

All Pario Assessments can be supported by one-to-one feedback via Skype.  

Online Assessment options include access to the 16PF®, OPQ® and MBTI®   

Assessment Solutions can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Pario Assessment and Feedback is conducted under the supervision of UK Chartered Psychologists with the European ‘Level 2’ Test User Certificate in Work and Organizational Assessment.

Online Training:

Questionnaires are available to organizations without any formal training requirements. Online resources can be accessed by registered users of the Pario system. Contact us to discuss optional in-house training, which may be linked to Coaching or Development programmes.