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Pario Resources Overview

Pario Innovations Products include questionnaires for selection and development, 360° feedback (with options to design your own) and organizational surveys.

Pario Resources include:

Creating Purpose: The Secrets of Authentic Leadership

This new e-book (publication 1 June 2013) builds on the latest leadership research and shows how the theory can provide the basis for developing the practical leadership skills that are required to sustain high performance at work.

The Pario Coaching Tool Box

Designed for HR Professionals, Coaches, Business Psychologists and Consultants, the Coaching Toolkit offers a range of online resources for coaching & development, including 360° feedback, self-assessment questionnaires and organizational surveys.

Pario Profiling of Leadership Potential

The Pario Profiling questionnaires are used to support selection, leadership coaching and development, and workshops to raise awareness of individual and team effectiveness. Validation studies show strong correlations with ratings of potential.

Pario Profiling and Leadership Skills Training Courses:  

The Leadership Skills Development Programme

The Leadership Skills Development Programme starts by profiling your current work behaviour and current Leadership Style. Subsequent modules review your preferences, whilst also setting out steps for development. The focus is on the practical steps required to develop your Leadership Potential. The  online modules are supported by an initial two-day workshop.  The modules then follow over a period of 8 - 10 weeks.