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360 Degree Feedback Software : Advanced Features at Your Fingertips

High Performance is directly affected by the Quality of Role Relationships. Pario 360 degree feedback software can direct specific questions to different groups, highlighting Critical Success Factors.

‘Off the Shelf’ or Tailored 360?

The Pario 360 feedback degree software enables you to select the core questions, relevant to everyone, but also have the option to add focused questions for specific groups. These may be customers, colleagues, direct reports, business partners or stakeholders. You can also decide the category labels e.g. ‘Clients’  for each of these relationship groups. The Pario 360 Sample Report highlights many of the key features.

360 Leadership

Effective 360 degree leadership requires insight into the expectations of different groups. Pario offers the option of written feedback being group specific,  thus highlighting issues relevant to a particular group of work associates. This raises awareness of how best to manage role relationships to achieve positive outcomes. The system also offers the option of 360 Group Reports that support wider Training Needs Analysis.

Our standard Management 360 and in-depth report can be adapted to requirements.

Context Rich Feedback

Written feedback is a key part of the 360 process, and the quality of this feedback may be strengthened when questions can be directed to different groups of respondent.

Focused 360 makes the feedback highly relevant and offers insights into the effective management of role relationships. The issues raised can be linked to follow-up development.  

Targeted 360 feedback contributes to greater openness and supports the best in organizational leadership.

Arrange a  360 Pilot Study

Setup of the secure online Control Panel is FREE to organizations and includes immediate access to our standard management 360 questionnaire and report, plus full support notes to enable you to design your own 360.

Pario 360 degree feedback software enables you to define competencies, statements, response options, respondent groups, written comment prompts (headings) & report design.

Download a Sample Pario 360 Report

Click HERE

Report design can be tailored to requirements

What is 360 Feedback?

As the name suggests, 360 surveys provide an opportunity for the “Focus Person”  i.e. the subject of the 360 review, to compare their self assessment with ratings made by other groups of work associates. However, no two 360 systems are the same, and as the video (above) explains, there are many issues to consider.