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Online Assessment Testing for Selection & Self Development

Pario Profiling - Self Assessment & Self Development  

Pario assessment options include the Pario Professional Profile, offering in-depth review of work behaviour and insight into factors affecting motivation, work behaviour and leadership competencies.  The output includes both a bullet-point summary of issues to explore further, which could be linked to an interview or feedback discussion, and an in-depth report. This can also be edited (in Word) after feedback to enable a facilitator to note specific issues that emerged during the review process.

Pario Professional Overview          

The Pario Professional Profile has proven reliability and validity, demonstrating correlations up to 0.6 with ratings of managers’ performance at developmental Assessment Centres. It takes around 20 minutes to complete. Administration is straight-forward, with login details sent via email.  

We can also provide online Cognitive Assessment (e.g. Verbal and Numerical Critical Reasoning Ability) and in-depth personality assessment.  

Purchase a Pario Professional Assessment

Order the Self Development version of the Pario Professional Profile to gain awareness of Personal Strengths, current work behaviour and factors shaping your motivation. Payment is via PayPal billed at £47 (approximately $75 USD).  

All Pario Assessments can be supported by one-to-one feedback via Skype. The current fee rate for a 30 minute review discussion is £55 (approximately $87). Payment can be made via PayPal

Note:  VAT is applicable on all EEC orders.

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Selection and Recruitment

Organizations may fail to identify the best people for key appointments because of weaknesses in how they pre-screen candidates. Online assessment testing highlights important aspects of work behaviour and motivation that influences performance at work. Avoid costly mistakes by using our professional, online testing service to help decide a short list - or add focus and objectivity to the final stage of the selection process.

Use the Pario Professional Profile to assess key aspects of candidates’ work behaviour, summarised in terms of dealing with Problems, People and Tasks. The questionnaire provides excellent insight when selecting people for professional, technical and management positions.