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Organisational Culture | Employee Engagement Surveys

Some essential questions to ask before you start a survey:

1.  Is it based a on a reliable model of the key drivers linked to

     motivation, commitment and organisational health?


2.  Does the report clarify the type of follow-up interventions

     that will help create an ‘enabling’, high-performance culture?

3.  Can you easily combine paper-based and online options, free

     text comment, in-depth analysis & access a range of reports?


Checklist for an Employee Engagement Survey

So what drives Effective Performance & Motivation at Work?

Employee Engagement Survey - Executive Overview

Employee Engagement Survey - Sample Report

Profiling Organisational Culture

Employee Satisfaction Surveys often provide little real insight into the factors that affect discretionary effort, employee commitment and development of Psychological Capital.

Pario Surveys are designed to highlight key issues that affect organisational health, performance and well-being at work.

We take account of the different drivers that shape people’s Motivation and their Commitment to the organization.  

Pario Profiling also highlights essential elements of effective leadership, which can add focus to management skills training. Follow-up may, for example, include 360 degree feedback and key Organizational Development initiatives.

Contact to review examples of the questionnaire and reports, and discuss options for tailored design.

The Pario system provides a Survey Template that can be adapted to requirements, with your choice of demographic information, key questions and written comment prompts. Reports are also  tailored - and can be filtered by specified demographics and wider categories.