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Employee Engagement Profiling:

Sample Report

Employee Engagement | Commitment & Motivation Profiling

Commitment & Motivation Profiling - Executive Overview

Competency Based Interviewing

Guidance Notes


Management and Leadership Assessment

Use Pario Professional for selection and/or development. The Feedback Notes describe each dimension.  The sample reports (below) show profile scores on the last page of each report.

Pario Professional Questionnaire - Feedback Notes

Pario Professional - Summary “Bullet Point” Report

Pario Professional - Full Report

(Additional Interpretation Notes are available to users).

Leadership and Professional Development & Coaching

Online Leadership Development Course - Exec Summary

360 Degree Feedback Resources

Pario 360 - Briefing Guide for 360

Pario 360 - Sample (Standard) Report

Motivation Theory

Motivational Pathway - PowerPoint Slides

Motivational Pathway - Image

Motivational Pathway - Introductory Video

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Note: The Pario online system offers Clients and Associates FREE access to Role Profiling Reports. Managers complete the Role Profiling Questionnaire, which can be tailored to requirements.

Role Profiling Overview

Role Profiling - Sample Report


Survey Report Insights