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Clients & Associates: Online Resources for Assessment, Development & Surveys

The Pario system offers Clients and Associates a flexible, easy-to-use online assessment and development resource that opens up new opportunities. You can login to the Control Panel from anywhere with internet access. It is then possible to view details of who has completed a questionnaire, view reports, add respondents, or even design a new self assessment or 360 degree feedback questionnaire.


It is also possible to have Additional Accounts, so you can run questionnaires for different organizations or divisions and monitor their activity. Local administrator handle day-to-day activities, but you control the overall assessment process.

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Pario 360 Benefits

Not all 360 offers the same levels of flexibility, ease of use, and professionalism. The Pario 360 degree feedback software is easy to use, with automated emails that can be quickly tailored to client  requirements and status screens that tell you who has completed. The system has been developed to minimize hassle and ensure that you are in control. We help you set up questionnaires and reports, with free online ‘step by step’ training videos, guidance notes and further technical support if required.

The standard setup process is free of charge. The 360 reports are £57 + VAT (UK standard price) with discounts on larger volumes. Special discounted rates are available for charities and ‘not for profit’ organizations. Note that each 360 report can have any number of respondents. More detailed information on 360 Pricing is shown below.

Associates can access a Control Panel that places all the features at their fingertips. Quickly adapt the standard 360 questionnaires and reports, or alternatively, design questionnaires and reports tailored to client requirements. Specify the competencies, statements and rating format. You can also define the work relationship categories e.g. Peers/Colleagues. Associates have the option to set up ‘client accounts’ that offer specific levels of functionality to client administrators.

Significant Features of the Pario 360:

360 Prices for Associates Consultants & Clients

Setup of the Pario Control Panel          

Initial Pilot Study

Standard 360 Reports*                                   

360 Group Reports                          

Follow-Up (‘Pulse’) 360 Reports**         

Multi-Language Questionnaires

Questions Targeted to a Group

Marketing & Feedback Materials

Client Branding (Colours / Logo)

Tailored Design of Questionnaires &

Reports by Associates or Clients

* See Terms and Conditions













Pario 360: Terms and Conditions

Tailored design options, including targeted question delivery, multi-language questionnaires and other services marked as “FREE” relate to the Client or Associate using the system to enable them to complete the work. Fees may apply if Pario assist with competency / statement design and setup requirements that go beyond the standard templates. The cost (if any) relating to modification of the system will be agreed in writing prior to commencement of such development work. An initial Pilot Study is limited to a maximum of three ‘Focus People’ (i.e. the subjects of the 360 feedback). VAT applies to EEC orders & is additional to prices shown.

* Pario 360 Reports include any number of respondents and discounts are available on larger orders (100+). Special rates are available for charities, ‘not for profit’ organizations and organizations based outside the EEC.

**  Follow-up ‘Pulse’ Reports are limited to not more than 40% of the original questions. Terms & Conditions apply.