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New Book: ‘Assessing Performance & Potential’

This in-depth review offers tremendous insight into the latest on personal development and the essential steps that contribute to  effective leadership. Identify the Success Factors that define high potential and discover how you can develop the skills required in modern organizations.

There have been tremendous advances in leadership theory in the last ten years making it difficult to keep up with new ideas. For busy managers, sifting through the research can be tough-going, and there is no guarantee that the theory can be translated into the practical leadership skills that help increase leadership effectiveness.

This  book offers the perfect solution.  Get up-to-date analysis of different leadership styles, how these affect the motivation and performance of direct reports and work associates, and the practical steps leading to high performance.

Discover why Authentic Leadership is receiving so much attention, and what is often missing from current discussions concerning this vital element of Leadership.

Develop Your Personal Potential

“Performance & Potential” has been written by David Sharpley, a recognized international authority in Talent Management & Leadership Development. He was a keynote speaker at the 2010 Excellence in Talent Management Conference in Barcelona and presented new leadership research at the 2011 Occupational Psychology Conference in the UK. His wide-ranging experience of leadership development gives him tremendous insight into the Success Factors contributing to Leadership Effectiveness.  

This hard to find ‘inside-information’ on Leadership Effectiveness is now available to you...

It was once thought that leadership effectiveness was linked to personality characteristics and only a small number of people had true Leadership Potential.  Recent research shows that this is not the case. The type of leadership required in modern organizations is linked to particular aspects of behaviour, and the good news is that these ‘leadership traits’ can be developed.

New research takes us beyond ideas of “Transformational Leadership” and “Emotional Intelligence.” There is growing interest in the idea of “Authentic Leadership” and how this motivates and builds the commitment of other people.  This book identifies the Steps to Success and the Qualities of a Good Leader.

Order your copy of “How to Unlock Your Leadership Potential” and review the most important ideas to emerge over the last 25 years. Gain insight into the links with personality theory, and the competencies that contribute to leadership effectiveness. In addition, take the opportunity to review your style against the “Elements of Leadership” linked to long-term success.  

Topics covered in this remarkable book include

100 Days to Leadership Effectiveness

Is it possible to achieve significant change in leadership effectiveness in as little as four months?

Using the insights in ‘Performance & Potential’ you can start a process of self development that will help you achieve real change. The book creates a platform for development and draws on the author’s extensive experience in Talent Management and design of leadership development programmes with large commercial companies, the public sector, health care, and not-for-profit organizations. An additional section includes the Secrets of Assessment & Development Centres and why they are often used to identify potential.

This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to develop their skills and gain insights for the future.

We believe that you will be delighted with the e-book and the insights it offers, but if you disagree, you can cancel your order at anytime within 30 days and receive a full-refund.

Note: the book release date is 1 Sept 2015

Available 1 Sept